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The Beauty of Tirta Empul Temple in Tampaksiring Bali

Tirta Empul Temple is one of a destinations for vacation which is located in Tampaksiring, Bali, indonesia. Based on a history, this temple was built in the 962 BC.

in a more detail, it was built in the Dinaswi Warmadewa goverment and the Mayadenawa story. It is said that Mayadenawa was a powerful king who has an evil nature.

Until one day Lord Indra sent an army to destroy Mayadenawa defeated who then fled to the forest where the forest is known as this area.

Then Mayadenawa created a poisonous spring and managed to kill part of Lord indra’s army. The God finally created an antidote spring and named Tirta Empul which means holy water.

More About Tirta Empul Temple

This is the background of the emergence of Tirta Empul Temple taht you can know. This building is divided into three parts namely Jaba Pura, Jaba Tengah, and offal.

In the Central Jaba section there is a pool that has 33 showers. Some showers also have names according to their functions and benefits. These include 14 Tirtha Cleansing, 2 Tirtha Melting Curses and Oaths, 6 Tirtha Severe Disiase and Tirtha Upakara.

This location is usually crowded with queues of visitors who want to participate in the melukat tradition. Melukat is a Balinese trandition in the form of purification activities in Tirta Empul Temple, precisely in the central Jaba pond.

This tradition is in great demand by visitors ranging from domestic tourists to foreign visitors. Melukat is believed to have many benefits by the Balinese Hindu community.

This activity can treat types of diseases, such as rheumatic toothache and gout. Not only that, some people also believe, melukat can launch sustenance and help visitors find a mate as soon as possible.

When performing this sacred ritual, visitors are required to deliver wishes and prayers by set by the temple.

Among them out canang on the shower and wear kamen cloth tied around the waist. In addition, female visitors who are menstruating are also not allowed to enter the Tirta Empul Temple area.

What You can Do

For visitors to this destination who bring families, including small children, can have fun by feeding fish in the pond. However, it still has to be supervised in order to guarantee the safety.

The front of the Tirta Empul Temple complex is a large parking area art market as well as rows of shops selling antiques and souvenirs. There are also several stalls selling local food snacks and drinks that can be visited.

The design of this temple is known for its historical value and Balinese nuances. That is why; it is a right spot used by visitors to capture Bali tourist moments.

The right viciting time to enjoy this tourism is during weedays, in order to avoid overcrowding and you can freely enjoy the exciting tours. However, everything can be suited by your schedule.

Entrance Ticket Fee and Opening Hours

To enter the area of Tirta Empul Temple you should pay the entrance ticket fee. Entrance tickets can be purchased at the counter located before the entrance gate area of this temple.

To pay for the entrance ticket, you have to use cash. Therefore, it is better to prepare cash before visiting this destination. For and adult, you should pay IDR 50,000 per person.

Meanwhile, for a kid, the fee is IDR 30.000. If you want to rent a storage, the fee is IDR 20,000. The hours of operation are every say from Monday to Sunday.

Usually, these are from 08.00 AM up to 18.00 PM Bali time. However, this destiantion will be closed in certain religions days such as Nyepi where all the activities are stopped.

For those who want to pray in this Tirta Empul Temple, this place is opened for 24 hours. Every temple on the island of Bali applies a dress code if you want to enter inner area.

Therefore, it’s a good idea to know the dress code when you want to vacation to a Balinese Hindu temple at o be able to enter this area, you must use sarong cloth to cover the lower parts of the bode, such as the waist and legs.

For the upper body, visitors can wear a shirts or t-shirt. Shawl must be applied in the waist. Udeng or cloth ties to the head area are not needed, but if you want to wear can also be.

How to Get There

The next information to know is about how to get to this Tirta Empul Temple. For tourist routes in Bali, this destination is one of the stopover routes for tourists have visited Ubud.

Those are like Tegallalang rice terraces, or tourists who have come from Kintamani tourists attractions, heading to tourist attractions in southern Bali.

If you depart from Ngurah Rai Denpasar airport, then it needs 1 hous 30 minutes. The distance between those destinations area are 52 kilometers.

Id you depart from the Ubud monkey forest to Tirta Empul Temple, it will cover a distance 16 kilometers. The travel time is usually 31 minutes long.

When you want to reach this destination, you will certainly need transportation facilities. Currently in Bali some public transportation facilities sometimes hard to find.

Due to the unavailability of public transportation facilities, the best transportation option for a vacation to this places is to use private transportation, either in the of motorbikes or cars.

Use the Bali car rental with driver is the most comfortable option. It is especially from Hire Bali Cab where it has the safe, comfortable cars, with professional drivers as well.

The Location

Tirta Empul Temple is located in Tampaksiring. In a more detail, it is situated in “jalan Tirta, Manukaya, Tampaksiring, Gianyar Regency, Bali 80552, Indonesia.

This places has various difgerent facilities such as Lament clothes Bali, Springs, toilet, parking area, souvenir, stalls, restaurant, and so on. That can make your journey there is more comfortable.

That is why; it is always recommended for any types of vacations. Yu can go to Tirta Empul Temple together with your families and friends during any months in the year.

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